Axians increases cybersecurity services in Italy

Axians Italy establishes a new business unit dedicated to Cybersecurity and becomes part of a European Axians initiative to meet the increasingly complex security needs of businesses.

With the acquisition of Saiv and Teletronica in July 2017, VINCI Energies introduced its Axians brand, dedicated to ICT, in Italy. As an important player in the Information & Communication Technology sector Axians Italy is adding further solutions and services to its already existing professional expertise and, with introducing its new business unit, demonstrates full awareness of the strategic importance of cybersecurity and the central role it will inevitable play in the future investment of Italian companies.

In the responsibility of Managing Director Massimo Fanelli the division for cybersecurity has its operative headquarters in Milan, with branch offices in Vicenza, Bologna and Rome and will be part of the EU-wide Axians alliance against cybercrime.

The question of Security is a key one worldwide” explains Mario Capellari, President of Axians in Italy. “We are now totally directed towards digital transformation: Industry 4.0 and IoT are strategic elements of development, not just for companies but for the whole society. It is very evident that this exposes everyone to the risks of a lack of, or a superficial network security. This is a battle that is being played out at an international level. Our advantage over competitors is our ability to count on the experience, strength, tools, resources and the innovative capabilities of Axians, an international brand that to date is present in 22 countries and that had a turnover of two billion euros in 2017”.


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