VINCI Energies acquires Brand id S.p.A.

On 28th April in Rome, VINCI Energies and Brand id S.p.A. signed an agreement, which the latter becomes part of Axians.

With the acquisition, VINCI Energies – specialized in energy services and technology in information and communication technology (ICT), – acquires the unique services and solutions offered by Brand id S.p.A., which will reinforce the development of more targeted skills, capable of strengthening, consolidating and further expanding the presence of Axians brand in Italy, offering a capillary coverage of the territory. Brand id S.p.A. – provides highly innovative and valuable services, with the aim of improving the quality of life of all citizens through – networking systems, data centers and collaboration, communication systems for transmission of ground-to-train signals, physical security systems and cybersecurity systems. Joining the VINCI Energies-Axians international network of companies allows Brand id S.p.A to consolidate and strengthen its offering, as well as further develop its business at a national and global level.

Reinhard Schlemmer and Mario Capellari, respectively Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of VINCI Energies Italy, have highlighted that Brand id’s excellent solutions and expertise, especially in the transport sector, will allow important strategic developments in the near future. In addition, Salvatore Perrot, Chief Executive Officer and Michele Armenise, Chief Operating Officer of Brand id underlined that the entry into the Axians network will allow the company to further develop the business, offering its customers the opportunity to tap into a more encompassing ecosystem of partners and solutions, without losing either the educational development or the fundamental combination of passion, enthusiasm and fun that is the hallmark of their work.

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