Vinci Energies acquires Gruppo Sintesi (Sirecom S.r.l.)

Italy, 25th June 2018- VINCI Energies and Sintesi Group (Sirecom Srl) signed an acquisition agreement that allows the French Group to further expand its skills in the ICT sector in Italy

On 25th of June in Italy VINCI Energies and Gruppo Sintesi (Sirecom S.r.l.) came to an acquisition agreement that allows the French multinational to further extend her competences in the ICT sector in Italy. On the one hand VINCI Energies – specialised in energy services and communication and information technology – has acquired services and solutions provided by the companies of Sirecom S.r.l., strengthening its Axians brand on the Italian region. On the other hand Gruppo Sintesi – focused on redesigning business processes, implementing data and building automation infrastructures and energy savings – heightening its offer, on a growth path on top of the 35 years of previous experience.

Thomas Ernst, president of the board and Mario Capellari, CEO of VINCI Energies Italia underline the specific prowess of Gruppo Sintesi in the retail arena are aligned with the group strategy allowing VINCI Energies to face and foster the digital and energy transformation already happening in Italy. Massimo Ivul, president of the board and Roberto Corraro CEO of Gruppo Sintesi (Sirecom S.r.l.) highlighted the international innovative power of a brand like Axians which will push forward even more a company that aims to face the rapid changes of technology and its related services.

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