VINCI Energies Italia – Our story

The VINCI Energies Group in Italy – 10 years of history (2008-2018)

The VINCI Energies Group arrived in Italy in 2005 through Phibor Italia, a branch of the group that has been producing electrical systems for the tertiary sector for more than 60 years.

VINCI Energies strengthened and solidified its presence in the Italian Industrial- Electrical sector in January 2008, when Phibor Italia and Elteknica merged to create Elphi.

The adverse economic situation that followed the first acquisition caused a notable loss of momentum in development, slowing the growth and limiting the possibility of investments.

With the intention of strengthening the Group’s presence in Italy, in 2010 VINCI Energies purchased FACEO which, in May 2012, became Vinci Facilities Italia – FM sector.

This brand, which represents the infrastructure and tertiary sectors, was given the job of spreading the following services throughout the whole national territory: services that care for buildings, their inhabitants and the environment, in addition to full technological maintenance.

The simultaneous strategic need to consolidate its Industrial Electrical skills led the VINCI Energies Group to purchase VM Impianti in January 2011.

These two realities merged in 2016 to create a single company with a stronger, more solid national presence to increase the organisational qualities and to raise the level of the solutions and services offered.

The creation of ELPHI VM permitted the establishment of a single Italian brand of the VINCI Energies Group which, in Italy, deals in Electrical Systems, Lighting Systems, as well as Special and Renewable Energy Systems.

The merge favoured the transfer of the headquarters to the new building in Milan, a place where all the VINCI Energies Group Brands in Italy could come together, favouring communication, synergy and the exchange of ideas.

The transfer also made it possible to incorporate the Telematic Solutions brand in the same building. Telematic Solutions is the Italian company of VINCI Energies that specialises in the realisation of projects and maintenance services in the Space-Ground Segment and Telemetry Sector.

The Milan nerve centre favours constant consolidation and growth, which has allowed the VINCI Energies Italia Group to assess the introduction and integration of its skills in new market niches.

With the intention of developing the ICT market within the Group and preparing for the digital transformation, in July 2017 VINCI Energies presented Axians to Italy through the acquisition of SAIV, which specialised in the ICT, Industry 4.0 and IoT sectors.

The rapid growth of the Axians Italia Brand made it possible to quickly focus on the development of new emerging segments, in order to satisfy the continually more complex needs that companies have for computer safety.

As a demonstration of the strategic importance of computer safety, and to confirm the central role it will have in future investments, in March 2018 VINCI Energies Italia and Axians Italia created an Italian department dedicated to Cybersecurity.

The favourable economic conditions, together with the strong desire to continue Group development and growth in Italy and the deriving verticalization of its services and markets, led Axians Italy to further widen its technological portfolio by increasing the variety of markets it serves and the services it offers.

With development and specialisation in mind, in June 2018 VINCI Energies Italia purchased Sirecom, further consolidating the presence of Axians Italia on the Italian market and implementing, thanks to specific segment skills, Retail and Fashion-Luxury know-how.

This very strong acceleration taking place in Italy is perfectly in line with the expansion strategy of the VINCI Energies Italia Group, ready to face new and future challenges to favour digital transformation, energy efficiency and industrial automation related to robotics and industry 4.0.