In an ever-changing world, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to speed up the rollout of new technologies and to sustain two important changes: digital transformation and energy transition.

What we do

VINCI Energies develops its fields of expertise in four business areas: infrastructure, industry, tertiary sector and ICT.

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As one of the main players in a constantly-evolving world, VINCI Energies works on the most important social questions of today and tomorrow, combining its different areas of knowledge to provide solutions which meet the demands of the market.

Industrial electrical systems

Specialists in the realisation of electrical systems

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Space Industry

Land and Telemetry Segment

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Facility Management/Technical Maintenance

FM Sector

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The Best of ICT with a human touch

We develop the best technological solutions in a constantly evolving global market

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Our brands

In Italy, VINCI Energies has set up a group of specialised companies which operate domestically and internationally.

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VINCI Energies develops its field of business through its local brands, rooted in their respective geographical areas with brands which are familiar to the market. Their fields of activities range from multidisciplinary installations to industrial automation, ITC solutions, technical management and optimisation in the energy field for buildings, industrial maintenance of infrastructure as well as common electrical installations. The intersection of these different activities allows our customers to benefit from a unified, flexible, effective and efficient structure.


A Team of experts at your side

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Telematic Solutions

Space Industry/Land and Telemetry Segment

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Technological maintenance of buildings and civil and industrial structures

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VINCI Facilities

Facility Management for Buildings-Occupant-Environment Services

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We design and create solutions that respond effectively to every single need of today and tomorrow for each customer

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Our accomplishments

Modernise, innovate, create:
Learn about our past projects and, through them, about the areas we work in.

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