Technological maintenance of buildings and civil and industrial structures

At SKE Srl we dedicate ourselves to the design, construction, management and maintenance of buildings with the utmost professionalism, using innovative methodologies and through the constant search for solutions that privilege the use of alternative energy.

Our services:

  • Leading services based on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) protocol
  • Full maintenance of civil and industrial buildings
  • Safety and Quality Control management services
  • Topographic and Computer technical support services: AutoCad, Primavera
  • Assistance with the HVAC system Commissioning program, from the design phase to the realisation, calibration and final testing phases
  • Assistance with the connection of mechanical systems, their calibration and testing
  • Balancing of the air and water circuits with reference to the current standards (UNI-EN, ASH RAE, SMACNA, etc.)
  • Final submission of all the documentation relative to the close-out phase to the client (both in paper and electronic format), including: the O&M manuals, the product technical data sheets, the test reports, the working drawings, the system labels and certifications
  • Maintenance and control of places used for special purposes, such as: operating theatres, pharmaceutical laboratories and clean rooms, as indicated in the UNI 14644 standard
  • Verification of air flow capacities, the number of hourly recycles and overpressure in various types of areas
  • Technicians specialised in the installation and maintenance of electronic systems for controlling access (even digital access) in the Hospitality sector
  • Disinfestation and cleaning/sanitisation services

SKE is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified company.