Facility Management / Technical Maintenance

Tertiary and industrial sectors

VINCI Facilities

Respecting applicable laws and constantly monitoring changes and new additions to legislation, we take care of buildings, their occupants and the environment.

In particular, as far as technological maintenance is concerned, VINCI Facilities is here to support your every need for engineering/re-organisation/facility management services oversight.


With highly-qualified staff, VINCI Facilities responds to all the technical and legal needs inherent to the maintenance of devices and systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air treatment, electrical, hoisting, access control, CCTV, fire prevention, etc.

VINCI Facilities


SKE Srl is a VINCI Facilities company that specialises in the management of the design, construction and maintenance services for civil and industrial buildings and structures. Our operating procedures are dynamic, extremely varied and flexible, which means we can dedicate ourselves to the full range of activities needed to complete the functional life cycle of a site, no matter whether small, medium-sized or large.



SKE and VINCI – Our market strong points:

  • Integrated design, construction and maintenance skills
  • Teams made up of our own staff, that are always available and ready to respond to any intervention request in the building and service sectors
  • Consolidated local and international operating procedures
  • Know-how and expertise in Italian laws and standards

Your Advantages:

  • We enhance your functional skills
  • We calculate cost reduction accurately
  • We combine monitoring and intervention skills in all the life cycle phases of a building
  • We increase the environmental sustainability of the building
  • We offer the highest safety standards, guaranteeing worker, resident and visitor protection inside buildings
  • We guarantee a high quality work environment which, consequently, stimulates productivity
  • With us at your side, you can focus all of your concentration on production