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12 MAY 2020

VINCI Energies acquires Brand id S.p.A.

On 28th April in Rome, VINCI Energies and Brand id S.p.A. signed an agreement, which the latter becomes part of Axians.

15 OCT 2018
30 JUL 2018

News Vinci Energies acquires Gruppo Sintesi (Sirecom S.r.l.)

Italy, 25th June 2018- VINCI Energies and Sintesi Group (Sirecom Srl) signed an acquisition agreement that allows the French Group to further expand its skills in the ICT sector in Italy

16 JUL 2018

News 4th July 2018 – Axians Italia First Birthday Axians Saiv

On 11th of July in Italy it was organized the celebrate event for the first anniversary of Axians, the Brand introduced last year in Italy by VINCI Energies with the acquisition of SAIV and Teletronica.