• Arrival in Italy

    The VINCI Energies Group arrives in Italy through Phibor Italia, a branch of the group that has been operating in the French area for over 60 years in the construction of electrical systems for the tertiary sector.

  • The birth of Elphi

    Thanks to the merger between Phibor Italia and Elteknica, from which the Elphi company was born, VINCI Energies strengthens and consolidates its presence in Italy in the electro-industrial sector.

  • The acquisition of FACEO

    With the aim of strengthening the Group's presence in Italy, VINCI Energies acquires FACEO in 2010.

  • The acquisition of VM Impianti

    A strategic need to consolidate electrical-industrial skills, leads the VINCI Energies Group to acquire the company VM Impianti.

  • VINCI Facilities Italy

    The company FACEO, acquired in 2010, becomes VINCI Facilities Italy, affirming the VINCI Energies Group in Italy also in the Facility Management sector.

  • The birth of Elphi VM

    Elphi and VM Impianti merge into a single company to strengthen and consolidate territorial presence, and to increase the organizational quality and raise the level of solutions and services provided.

  • Axians arrives in Italy

    With the intention of developing the ICT market internally and preparing for digital transformation, VINCI Energies introduces Axians to Italy through the acquisition of SAIV, specialized in the ICT, Industry 4.0 and IoT sectors.

  • The Cyber Security department

    A demonstration of the strategic importance of IT security, VINCI Energies Italia and Axians Italia set up an Italian department dedicated to Cyber Security.

  • Acquisition of Sirecom

    VINCI Energies Italia acquires Sirecom, further consolidating Axians' presence in the Italian market and expanding its expertise in the Retail and Fashion-Luxury sectors.

  • Acquisition of Brand Id

    Strengthened by the rapid growth of the Axians brand in the Italian market, the VINCI Energies Italia Group acquires Brand Id, an Italian company that offers services and solutions in the IT and Digital Communication sectors with a strong focus on Research and Development.

  • The acquisition CM Engineering

    VINCI Energies Italia acquires 100% of CM Engineering Srl, which thus becomes part of Building Solutions, the innovative business line of VINCI Energies specializing in technological systems and active throughout the life cycle of buildings with the aim of improving their comfort, efficiency, and environmental performance

  • The birth of VEBSI

    VEBSI, VINCI Energies Building Solutions Italia, was born from the union of the skills of Elphi VM BU with the Building Solutions Italia BU and VINCI Facilities Italia. The new reality will be focused on accelerating the digital transformation of existing properties or new buildings through energy efficiency, digitalization and immersive experience, in order to improve people's lives.