The Environment

At VINCI Energies, protection of the planet is a top priority.

We have accepted the challenge of the climate emergency by setting ourselves the goal of reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

3 levers of action

  • Climate
    reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Circular Economy
    sorting and recovery of materials
  • Natural environments
    preserve biodiversity, water, air, soil

By 2030 we intend to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, using three means:

  • climate action
  • optimization of resources thanks to the circular economy
  • preservation of the environment

Each Business Unit has independently implemented initiatives aimed at achieving this goal, taking into account their territorial needs and ongoing projects: from the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy, to the implementation of electric vehicle fleets and the energy diagnosis of our buildings.

  • 11 %
    T eq CO2
  • 35 %
    T eq CO2 / €
  • 17 %
    T eq CO2 / person

Towards a new era of energy

More and more companies are paying attention to the climate issue and interested in renewable energy.

With creativity and pragmatism, our Group designs environmental solutions and services that adapt to the specific needs of our customers.
We guide them along the path of energy transition, allowing them to accelerate the achievement of environmental goals.

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The VINCI Group is mobilizing all its business divisions to define and implement an ambitious strategy that reduces the environmental impact of the company’s activities.

In all our Business Units, a Sustainable Development project has been launched which involves the implementation of targeted economic, social and environmental actions.


Environmental Day

Since 2020, all over the world, VINCI Business Units have been involved in the Environmental Day event.
It is a day entirely dedicated to environmental issues that aims to raise awareness among Group employees about climate change.
The working tables, defined for this occasion, discuss the concrete actions that our Group can implement in favor of the environment and evaluate a series of aspects: travel, mobility, waste, recycling, environmental education, sustainable food sources, lifestyles, C02 emission reduction.

In addition, to support this initiative, a series of e-learning courses are made available on the company intranet that communicate the objectives, guidelines, behavioral advice and measures to be implemented to reduce the environmental impact of individual and collective activities.

Vinci Environment Awards

In September 2020, all divisions of the VINCI group participated in the first edition of the Vinci Environment Awards.  
It was an internal competition, lasting one year, in which each Business Unit presented a series of projects in favor of the environment.

More than 220,000 employees worldwide played an important role in defining the Group’s environmental strategy, encouraging the entire international team to:

  • promote an environmental culture, internally and externally to the company
  • work in synergy with suppliers and subcontractors
  • accelerate the development of environmental solutions

The competition brought together more than 2,500 initiatives, divided into three different levels of intervention – climate action, circular economy and optimisation of resources, preservation of the natural environment – and was a great success.

We at VINCI Energies Italia also took part in the initiative by presenting three Smart City projects that have already been set up and tested: