Health and safety

Accidents in the workplace are not a fatality, but a responsibility.

The goal of our Group is to create conditions that guarantee the physical integrity and health of those who work at our construction sites and our sites of activity.

Awareness and training

At VINCI Energies we promote a proactive culture of risk perception so that everyone is responsible for their own safety and that of others.

Through continuous training and an ever open dialogue with the representatives of each department, we make all the Group’s people aware of the risk factors at work.

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The culture of safety is expressed daily in the course of ordinary activities, and is based on six main pillars:

  • Exemplary leadership
  • Transparency
  • Training and sharing
  • Commitment
  • Risk perception
  • Understanding of procedures

An exemplary leadership positively influences everyone’s behavior, fostering a strong culture of safety.  It is also possible to identify areas for improvement to develop greater knowledge and risk prevention.

The transparency in an organization guarantees effective and optimized management, allowing anyone to freely express their opinions on work-related risks.  
An action that any company should always encourage.

Learning and sharing, listening to different points of view and collecting any type of feedback, allows us to have a complete view of the critical issues and strengths, so as to improve our actions.

The commitment of each employee is fundamental and must be placed at the center of actions of prevention.  For this reason, it is necessary to promote awareness and involve everyone.

A common perception of risk helps improve our safety culture.
Although each Business Unit has different risks, we share a critical sense and awareness of the risks that each one must possess.

To ensure the understanding of procedures in the workplace, commitment and communication at all levels of the company: managerial, team and individual, are essential. Identifying risks, evaluating the actions to be taken and being able to improve processes strengthen the skills of individuals and the whole organization.

Because awareness and knowledge of procedures to be followed is the first form of prevention.

“Zero Accidents” objective

The highest priority we give to the issue of health and safety in the workplace is expressed by a series of action plans that have been implemented to achieve a “Zero Accidents” goal:

  • Welcome programs for newly hired people
  • Personalized accompaniment for new employees, temporary workers and sub-contractors
  • Training and promotion on personal protective equipment
  • Risk assessment and cross-checks
  • Dedicated training programs
  • Communication programs to inform, establish a dialogue and promote the exchange of best practices
  • The adoption of a specific prevention policy on the issue of road traffic – one of the greatest risks.

Safety Excellence

Satefy Excellence is a structured approach based on a proactive accident prevention program that was launched in 2017 to improve the safety culture at VINCI Energies.
Our beliefs and attitudes regarding health and safety are valuable in ensuring the well-being of employees.
We attach the utmost value to the health of those who work with us and to the safety of the workplace.
We evaluate all possible unforeseen events and spread knowledge of procedures in case of need.
We collect suggestions and observations and process them constructively.
We are oriented towards continuous improvement, with the full awareness that our actions can make a difference.
Safety Excellence is not a destination, but a journey that we face every day.

Safety Week

One of the initiatives carried out by the VINCI Energies Group, and promoted in all Business Units, is the Safety Week.

It is a week of meetings during which we guide employees through the six pillars that we have identified in VINCI Energies Italy to develop a positive culture of safety at work (exemplary leadership, transparency, training and sharing, commitment, risk perception, understanding of procedures).

During this annual event we deal with specific topics related to health and safety at work through the following methods:

  • Training (practical tests, anti-fall systems, safe driving, firefighting, first aid)
  • Communication (videos, presentations, graphic and illustrative info material)
  • Simulations (virtual reality use)
  • Face-to-Face training (face-to-face courses, meetings)


Our goal is to increase awareness of each individual about the risks faced in the workplace, trying to avoid or drastically reduce injuries or accidents. At the same time, we offer tools for everyone to analyze what happened and intervene according to procedures shared by the Group with the whole team.

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