Introducing the VINCI Adoption Program

La tecnica è nulla senza il fattore umano.

Technology is nothing without the human factor.

People for people. In VINCI Energies Italia we aim to improve people’s lives by contributing every day to the achievement of two important changes:  the ENERGY transition and the DIGITAL transformation. Important goals that we pursue thanks to the daily commitment of our collaborators, who embrace and represent the values of VINCI.” Our real added value is the people who work for us and with us” this is what Dr. Reinhard Schlemmer, president of VINCI Energies Italia, says, adding that “in the face of a consolidated technical competence, in our Group we leave room for diversity and creativity that each person can express in the daily life of his work”. There is still a small hill to get over, especially in Italy: only 18 women out of 100 choose an academic and professional path in the STEM field. To counter this phenomenon, in July we signed an agreement with the ITIS Galileo Galilei in Rome to launch the “Vinci Adoption Program”, a pilot project that aims to guide disadvantaged parents, students and students to undertake studies on scientific and technological subjects.” Our intent – explains Michela Giampietro, head of human resources for VINCI Energies Italia – is to trigger a cultural revolution. Even within our Group, we are working to ensure an increasingly inclusive environment capable of enhancing diversity”.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore, platinum insert.